Aqua Technologies knowledge and experience gained for nearly 20 years in the market will help you make your pool projects a reality. Aqua Technologies offers you comprehensive, value added solutions for any type of pool that guarantee the safety and comfort of users by simplifying maintenance. Residential, community, municipal and competition pools; pools for private use, in hotels, resorts, water parks and sports complexes. Every project is unique. Working on your projects with Aqua Technologies means you will have the widest possible choice of product ranges, the benefits of our partner ASTRALPOOL – Spain a world renowned brand for pool equipment’s with over 40 years in the market and extensive worldwide sales network.

[heading size=”2″ heading_class=”style-3″]High-quality finish and large filtering surface[/heading]

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The extensive range of Aster laminated sand filters are
known for their reliability, making them one of the topselling
filters in the world, as well as for their collector
arms, which feature a larger diameter (1”) for greater
filtering surface.
In addition to filter performance, aesthetics is increasingly
important. The ivory laminated finish gives the filter a
discreet look, for a safe unit that adapts to any type of
Aster filters are available in diameters from 350 mm to
900 mm and are appropriate for pools with a volume from
30 m3 to 240 m3.
The Top version is available in diameter up to 650 mm
with 11/2” connections.
• Sand filters, laminated with polyester/fibreglass resin. Comes in
• Equipped with collectors of 1” diameter and diffuser of highly
resistant PVC and PP plastic.
• Fitted with pressure gauge, manual air and water purge valves.
• Side-mount 6-way multiport valve with filter, backwash, rinse,
recirculate, waste and closed.
• Polypropylene base except in the diameter of 900, which is made of
polyester/fibreglass resin.
• Screwless cover for quick opening and closing.
• Maximum flow rate: 50 m3/h/m2.
• Maximum operating pressure: 2,5 kg/cm2.

MB Front Cover 002

Manufactured entirely in sturdy white ABS, the skimmer plays
an important role in water suction and debris retention. It includes
a large-capacity leaf strainer. All visible parts are treated for UV
protection to prevent deterioration and extend the life of the
All models have two bottom connections, plus an overflow
connection. In all models the strainer basket is secured in place
by a bayonet locking devise, for easier removal and to prevent
the basket from floating out of position.
Choose the most suitable option from standard models and models with a
long throat and a wide mouth. Models with a decorative faceplate are also
available for standard and long throat skimmers.
Auto top-up: if necessary, water is automatically added through an inlet
Skimmer collar extension ring: allows total flexibility to ensure the
skimmer cover is fully flush with any surface.
Decorative Faceplate: to improve the finish of skimmers with a wide
ABS floating weir assembly: for skimmers without a flap; includes a
floating strainer basket.

MB Front Cover 003

Manufactured in white ABS, the drain has UV protection and is
used to take in water from the deepest part of the pool for 100%
recirculation. It is also used to drain the pool.
The latest models include a grille that complies with current
regulations, in which the distance between the holes is less than
8 mm to prevent entrapment of bathers’ fingers.
Likewise, the “antivortex” models use lateral suction to prevent
The flat-grille drain, is the most appropriate model for shallow pools.
The Mini drain, has a diameter of just 175 mm and is recommended for
prefabricated pools and spas.

MB Front Cover 0002132


Manufactured in white ABS, the inlets adapt to any kind of pool.
The return inlets return filtered, treated water to the pool. They
include the “Multiflow” system, which allows the diameter, and
therefore the flow rate of the water through the inlets, to be
The suction inlets are used to connect the pool cleaner.
The bottom inlets are placed in the floor of the pool, returning
water at floor level. They prevent dirt from settling by carrying
it towards the surface.
Return: Inlets for solvent-welding are available with or without grille.
Threaded inlets have a 2” outlet and a different inner diameter.
Suction: The inlets for solvent-welding include the new PN10 model. A
threaded model is also available.
Bottom: The adjustable inlet allows perfect adjustment to the ground at
the time of installation. It is particularly recommended when overflow
channels are used.
Conduits: Conduits are used to aid the installation of return and suction
inlets. They are adaptable in length for easier installation and replacement
of the inlets in concrete pools.

MB Front Cover 0014

The support ring is manufactured in white ABS and the grilles
can be of the same material or AISI 316 stainless steel. They
are used in concrete pools with a built-in main drain.

ladder 002

Top-selling ladder worldwide. Manufactured of stainless steel tube
with diameter 43 mm, width 500 mm. Standard AstralPool shiny
polished finish.
The steps are wide (500 mm), safe and convenient to use. Each
ladder design is available in three different styles of treads: stainless
steel and slip-resistant plastic Luxe tread, stainless steel Standard
tread and Plastic tread manufactured in plastic. The safety design
guards against slippage or cuts. Each ladder style can be supplied
with 2, 3, 4 or 5 steps.
Comes with plastic stoppers that rest against the pool wall and
protect it from damage, as well as with an anchor point, for a
grounding connection.