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The life of the body is in the blood. When you sauna in a AQUA Sauna, you are nearly doubling the blood flow throughout your body. You are also bringing fresh oxygen and nutrients to each individual organ and each individual cell. The oxygen in this blood, in turn, helps to neutralize the acids that build up in our muscles and cause pain. This increased blood circulation also carries away waste and helps to clean out the arteries and veins. Because of vessel dilation, your AQUA Sauna can do this while even lowering your blood pressure. If your blood pressure is already low…no need to worry. Low blood pressure isn’t affected.

With this increased blood circulation, you’re removing excess minerals, heavy metals, and toxic substances that may restrict blood flow. By increasing blood circulation, you are cleaning your veins and arteries. By improving circulation with your AQUA Sauna It’s never too late to start taking care of your body and improving the quality of your life with a AQUA Sauna. Let there be life in your blood!

Your heart health is so important. Many of us suffer from high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol and many other heart conditions. Professionals agree that exercise is one of the best ways to heart health. In just one 30 minute session in your AQUA Sauna every day, you can make a real difference in your heart health! Every session will provide the cardiovascular equivalent of a 6-9 mile run and will allow you to maintain a lower blood pressure. What a wonderful feeling to know you are doing so much to add to your heart health and quality of life with every session in your AQUA Sauna.

Have you heard the news? Almost every adult body is loaded with toxins. Will our children be far behind? Toxins are in the air we breathe and the food we eat. Scientists and medical professionals are finding out that just by removing toxins, we can get healthy again. There’s no quicker way than with AQUA Sauna. With every session, AQUA rays are working on your toxic overload. Toxins are unwanted chemicals that enter your body in countless ways. Some are deliberate, like eating preservatives in our foods or using chemicals on our bodies such as hair spray. Mainly, toxins enter the body through our environment. Ever wonder why there’s such a drastic increase in cancer every year? Our bodies are exposed to so many chemicals like cleaning solutions, pollution from automobiles and industry, soaps and hair dyes, food additives, paints, and even chemicals in our carpets. Your sweat from a session in your AQUA sauna will only contain about 80% to 85% water. The balance is heavy metals like mercury, cadmium and lead… plus cholesterol, excess uric acid and a whole lot of other stuff that is best gone!

There are two ways to remove toxins from our bodies. They are filtered through our internal organs such as our kidneys and liver, or we sweat them out through our external and largest organ, the skin. The tuned infrared from a AQUA Sauna gets into the cells holding these toxins and helps remove them for good! Today, our lifestyle usually doesn’t include sweating. Our bodies were designed to use this process to help take the load off of our internal organs. It’s no wonder people these days are having more liver and kidney problems. Help out all of your organs by using your Purus AQUA infrared Sauna. Every day is best, but try to get in at least 3-4 half hour or longer sessions per week..

Pain can have many causes, from overworked muscles to chronic arthritis or fibromyalgia pain. Aqua’s heat reaches far below the surface of the skin and deep into muscle tissue. Physical therapists and chiropractors have used infrared heat to treat muscle and deep tissue injuries for years. Now, with your AQUA Sauna the far infrared light produced will penetrate deeper than previously possible. This infusion of heat stimulates blood flow and improves mobility. Far infrared has even been known to help diminish acute pain from pinched nerves, sciatica and can even aid in relieving the pain of passing kidney stones.

With the help of your AQUA Sauna you will not only be able to treat the discomfort of pain, but at the same time you can treat some of the underlying causes of that pain. By using you rAQUA Sauna you are able to detoxify your body. Many studies have shown evidence that by detoxing; you can actually “heal” yourself of some types of chronic pain. When it comes to pain, just lie back, relax, sweat and enjoy all of the benefits of your beautiful and effective Aqua Sauna.

Keeping your weight down is not only desirable, it is essential for your health. Many problems can arise from being overweight. Diabetes, heart disease and extra joint pain are just a few. Adding a AQUA Sauna to your daily regimen of diet and exercise will help by increasing calorie burn, speeding up your metabolism and allowing you to sweat off excess water and fat cells as well. Even if you are suffering from joint or muscle pain and unable to do a proper workout, a session in your AQUA Sauna still provides cardio help and promotes weight loss through calorie burning too…without pain. AQUA’s special infrared heat can penetrate below the skin’s surface and get to the fat cells below. A AQUA Far Infrared Sauna can help you burn 600-900 calories in each 30 minute session! Doctors agree. The best way to lose weight is to burn more calories that you consume. Let your AQUA Sauna be your special secret to weight loss…

For centuries, Finnish women were known for their radiant, glowing skin that only comes from taking a sauna. AQUA’s far infrared waves take skin care to a whole new level. Thanks to AQUA, you’re able to deep clean your pores without having to buy all kinds of expensive cleansers, moisturizers and masks. Your AQUA Sauna removes oils, dirt and makeup from below the epidermis and promotes collagen growth. After a quick rinse in the shower, your skin is naturally conditioned and moisturized from within…without the need for expensive cosmetics, lotions and potions. ..

Let AQUA Sauna help you achieve that youthful look!

We all live in a stressful world. Whether you’re out in the nine to five hustle, a retiree, sports fanatic or a stay at home mom… our days are all full of stress. Take the time to relax… you deserve it! Slide in your favorite CD and picture yourself laying back and relaxing while the gentle, soothing heat of your AQUA Sauna whisks you away to another world… a place free of tension, time schedules and pressing problems. Under the spell of your AQUA’s tuned, far infrared wavelength, you’ll feel like you’re on a tropical beach, basking in the rejuvenating summer sun or strolling along warm and soothing white sandy beaches. Don’t let the comfortable temperature of your AQUA Sauna fool you. Because infrared is a direct heat, the heaters generate heat within you while the air around you stays comfortable to breathe. You won’t feel claustrophobic in a AQUA Sauna. Only this type of heat can penetrate below the surface of the skin up to two inches while generating heat waves to soothe your muscles and headache tension that sometimes come from stress. Do you know that people that have less stress in their lives live longer and are less susceptible to both disease and sickness? It’s true! If you’re stressed your immune system is weakened. By relieving stress you not only feel better, but you’re improving your immune system and, maybe, the relationships with those around you. This is the type of heat your AQUA Sauna is producing…without the damaging rays of the sun. A AQUA Sauna let’s you escape to a land of warmth and the safety of tuned infrared light. A session in a AQUA Sauna not only makes you feel better, but removing the stress is great for your health and those around you too! Doesn’t this sound like a place you’d like to visit?

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For Mind & Body Real comfort is no luxury, it is a mental and physiological necessity. As you sit back or lie down in a well designed Spa bath, amazing things happen to your whole body. Your muscles begin to relax, your blood starts to circulate more freely and your body takes a well earned rest. Every element of the entire Spa Bath Range has been developed to allow you to understand the real meaning of comfort.