Filtration types for pools

Why is it important to have a filtration system in your pool?

The filtration system (formed by the pump of filtration and the tank) is the core of the pool. Indeed, it is the motor that allows the water to move in an efficient way along the pool and it avoids it to get stuck. Stuck water could generate stains and organism that will harm the quality of the water. Filters help in purifying the water so as to transform it in a clear and safe water. The most important aspect is to be aware of the existance of different filters so you can get an optimal filtration that guarantees clean water.

The election of a filtration system depends on each one’s decisión, but above all it is important to take into account the water volume of the pool. It is important to know all the measures of the pool: width, length and volume of water in m3. It will also depend on the cleaning equipment that is used and the distance between the monoblock system and the pool.

Pool Filter Types

  • Domestic RO Systems
  • Dual filters
  • Dual filters with UV Systems
  • EVERPURE Products
  • Micron filter Housing & Cartridges