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Wastewater Treatment

Wastewater may contain high levels of organics, chemicals, solids, nutrients, heavy metals and toxins which are extremely harmful to humans and the environment. Given its hazardous content, wastewater requires conversion into a form that can be safely released into the environment or recycled and reused.

We provide tailor made solutions to our customers according to their requirement and the budget. As the pioneer in the market for RBC —Rotating Biological Contactors type wastewater treatment plants, we provide our customers the most sustainable solution for their wastewater treatment needs.

With the collaboration of world’s renowned wastewater treatment companies such as WAR ,Germany, quality and satisfactory is guaranteed.

For various wastewater needs, we have diversified options such as,

– RBC — Rotating Biological Contactors

– SBR — Sequence Batch Reactors

– MBR — Membrane Bio Reactors

– DAF — Dissolved Air Floatation systems

– Filter Press

– Tube Settlers

– Sludge Dryers

– Evaporators

– Conventional type wastewater treatment plants and many more…

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