Chemical probes, are excellent devices for pool water monitoring and treatment. When they are used together with an electronic swimming pool controller, they can help you prevent over or under feeding of your pool disinfectant chemical. These devices greatly enhance your pool water treatment process through precision analysis.

Together these devices react very quickly responding to any changes in your swimming pool or spa water.

Working together, they will determine when and if more chemicals should be feed into your swimming pool on not.

When used together, a chemical sensing probe and a automatic pool controller can:

  • Turn a chemical feed pump on or off.
  • Open or close a pool circulation valve.
  • Automatically switch a swimming pool circulation to its backwash circle.
  • Operate a chlorinating feed system.
  • Automatically turn on your pool lights or swimming pool pump.

Controlling these systems are accomplished by a professionally installed chemical feed control system. The first step in automating your pool chemical feed system, is to measure the chemical factor or parameter that is to be controlled. This we accomplished using a highly sensitive chemical probe.